Corrective Skin Care

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Pampering Touch

SHEA Esthetics is a private and clean skin care studio in beautiful downtown Eagle, Idaho. Combining a holistic approach to skin care, experience, and passion so that you achieve and maintain healthy, beautiful skin for your face, body or feet. Relaxing is encouraged during treatments so that positive effects can also be felt in the body, mind and soul. Specializing in personalized treatments that treat skin conditions at a cellular level to balance, refresh and repair your skin. Offering result based skin care through corrective peels and technologies such as microcurrent, LED light therapy, Skin Classic, microneedling and ultrasound. The highest quality professional grade product lines are used to customize a home regimen that fits your lifestyle and enhances your professional treatments. I will help you optimize your results and rejuvenate your skin. Hope to see you soon!

Facial Modalities

Dermaplain, Microdermabarsion, Micro-Peel, LED Light Therapy, Facial Contour Massage, Microcurrent, Gua-Sha, Lymphatic Drainage, Nano-Infusion, Microneedling, Sculplla

Clear Skin Facial

Deep pore cleansing with blue light therapy is the best facial for those with acne and breakouts. This program also addresses gut health, lifestyle and stress levels.

Home Care

Offering the highest quality professional grade products and tools for use at home to ensure that your skin looks and feels refreshed.

SHEA Esthetics Skin Care

233 W. State St. Suite B

Eagle, ID 83616

phone: 208-484-2767


by appointment only
Tuesday 10:30 ~ 3:00
Wednesday 10:30 ~ 7:00
Thursday 10:30 ~ 3:00
Friday 10:30 ~ 5:00
Saturday ~ 8:30 ~ 1:30
(every 3rd Sat. of the month)

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