~ Chemical Resurfacing Peels ~

Chemical Peels are an extremely popular treatment that are suitable for practically all skin types and conditions. Whether you are addressing specific skin conditions to correct such as pigment, preventing fine lines and wrinkles, or skin resurfacing we will find the right chemical treatment to reach your desired goal. Chemical peels can range from little to no downtime, to a deeper treatment with days of visible peeling. We have peels for the face, neck, chest, and other parts of the body. Once a consultation has taken place, together we will develop a customized plan to fit your specific needs, and get you the glowing skin you deserve!
~ Get Glowing EB Peel


Encourage the exfoliation of dead skin cells and debris while stimulating the skin's natural renwal process. This is a mild peeling procedure which assists in smoothing fine lines, improving skin texture and evening out skin discoloration leaving your skin refreshed and soft. With each additional procedure you will notice incremental improvements in the overall appearance of the skin.

~ $120

~ Elaine Brennan Skin Renewal Peel

This is a superior peel that is totally safe and effective therefore suitable for skins of all ages and color. Rejuvenation and dramatic improvement in color, texture and elasticity is achieved. A consultation is required for this treatment. 

~ $850

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